Mustad Classic Jig Head

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Ultrapoint classic jig heads.


Mustad Classic Jig Head

The Mustad Classic Jig Head has a round bend and is forged.  Two or three cone shaped rings fix the lure securely.


  • Black nickel finish
  • Strong and flexible wire
  • Anti corrosion coating on “head” and cone


Size 1/0 – Weight 3g/1.10oz – Quantity 5

Size 1/0 – Weight 5g/1.6oz – Quantity 5

Size 2/0 – Weight 7.5g/1.4oz – Quantity 4

Size 5/0 – Weight 25g/0.9oz  – Quantity 3

Size 6/0 – Weight 15g/1.5oz – Quantity 3

Size 6/0 – Wewight 30g/1.1oz – Quantity 3

Jigs can with the right weight distribution and shape give the ultimate artificial bait presentation.  This is what you can achieve with the Mustad Jig Head!  The Mustad UltraPoint hooks give state of the art hooking abililties and a longer life to your hook.

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1/0 – 3g/1.10oz, 1/0 – 5g/1.6oz, 2/0 – 7.5g/1.4oz, 5/0 – 25g/0.9oz, 6/0 – 15g/1.5oz, 6/0 – 30g/1.1oz

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