Guru Balsa Waggler


Stable for accurate casting!


Guru Balsa Waggler

The Guru Balsa Waggler have flights that are stable for accurate casting.


  • Disk shaped weight stops the float from diving
  • High quality balsa
  • Natural balsa finish that avoids spooking the fish
  • Available in 6g – 10mm, 8g – 10mm, 10g – 10mm,
  • 10g – 13mm, 12g – 13mm, 14g – 13mm – more suitable for the big lakes and reservoirs
  • Use with Guru waggler adaptors and super tight line stops

Balsa is a naturally produced material with large fluctuation sin density.  The weights given are approximate and should be used as a guide only.

There are lots of products available in store, so come along to Shipshape Tackle and have a look at the wide range of items we have in stock.

Pictures for illustration purposes only.




6g – 10mm, 8g – 10mm, 10g – 10mm, 10g – 13mm, 12g – 13mm, 14g – 13mm

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