Frenzee 0814 Hooks


Perfectly suited for fishing for silverfish, small carp and F1’s.


Frenzee 0814 Hooks

The Frenzee 0814 Hooks are perfectly suited for fishing for silverfish, small carp and F1’s.

When presentation is key, there is no better hook choice than the 0814 hook. The long swept point provides a really reliable hook hold and allows a wide variety of baits to be used such as maggot, corn and pellet which all sit perfectly in the special bend, meaning more bites are hit.

A wide gape hook that is perfectly suited for silverfish, small carp and F1 fishing. As the name suggests the hook works perfectly with lines of 0.08mm – 0.14mm. A fine wire hook that is made from Japanese 110 carbon wire, making this the ultimate hook for perfect presentation.

Spade and Eyed – the ideal hook for: Maggots  Pellets  Corn  Bread & Worms

  • Perfectly suited to lines of 0.08 – 0.14mm or 1 – 5lb
  • Perfect for silverfish, F1’s and smaller carp
  • Great for feeder, bomb, waggler & pole fishing
  • Wide gape for better hook holds
  • Chemically sharpened swept needle point
  • Japanese 110 carbon wire • Available sizes 20 – 12
  • Black chrome finish

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12 – Spade, 14 – Spade, 16 – Spade, 18 – Spade, 12 – Eyed, 14 – Eyed, 16 – Eyed, 18 – Eyed

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