Berkley SpiderWire EZ Braid


Braid that gives you the maxium strength and smoothness.


Berkley SpiderWire EZ Braid

The Berkley SpiderWire EZ Braid is unmatched in value.  It gives maximum strength and smoothness, ideal braid for spinning, specialist fishing and saltwater!

Spin for pike, zander, perch or use it for barbel, chub and any other river fishing where low stretch lines are needed.  Try with multipliers for boat and beach work.

  • Dyneema® microfibers are 3X stronger than mono
  • Diameters 2 to 3X smaller than mono of the same lb. test
  • Super smooth for long, effortless casts
  • Spider-sensitivity, near zero stretch to feel everything


10lb/4.5kg – 0.18mm – 300 yards

15lb/6.8kg – 0.20mm – 300 yards

20lb/9.0kg – 0.23mm – 300 yards

30lb/13.6kg – 0.30mm – 300 yards

50lb/22.7kg – 0.38mm – 300 yards

Colour Moss green

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10lb/4.5kg, 15lb/6.8kg, 20lb/9.0kg, 30lb/13.6kg, 50lb/22.7kg

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