Sticky Baits Krill Floater Hookers


Perfectly mimic our The Krill Floaters.


Sticky Baits Krill Floater Hookers

Sticky Baits Krill Floater Hookers have been designed to perfectly mimic our The Krill Floaters.  They are hookable and can be hair-rigged or banded, making them extremely easy to use.  They have been infused with increased levels of krill attractors, so much so that they are practically oozing!  For best results, use with The Krill Floaters.

Key Features:-

  • Soft hookable floater hookbaits
  • Can also be hair rigged or banded
  • Oozing with Krill attractors
  • Made to mimic The Krill Floaters
  • Available in 80g pots

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