Silverpoint Pop Up Grill


Pop Up Grill – An Award Winner!

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Silverpoint Pop Up Grill

The Silverpoint Pop Up Grill manufactured by Silverpoint is an ideal addition to your cooking needs.  Comes in a handy bag.  Concertinas down into a small barbecue.

It has been designed to make a folding barbecue that’s stylish and smart.

  • The design makes it easy to fold/assemble.
  • It has 3 legs that allows it to stand firmly on any surface.
  • The grill has a high burning temperature due to high air flow.
  • The grill can also be used over an open fire in support of the coffee pot, frying pan or hot dogs, etc. The only grill on the market that can do this.
  • It comes with a carrying case with hand and detachable shoulder strap. The grill can be filled with charcoal / briquettes at home before the picnic.
  • The grill is coated with paint that can withstand very high burning temperatures without burning.



Red Dot Design Award Winner 2012!

Design by Jonas Rylander.  Design protected!


  • Fill the grill with briquettes and firestarters at home before you leave for the bank
  • Start to mount all three legs on the biggest ring. Then place mid ring and lowest section.
  • Place firestarters at the bottom and light them up
  • Place the small grid and fill up with your briquettes.  The lowess section will only have firestarters and air
  • Place the top grid and wait for the briquettes to get ready for your bbq.  Bon apetit!

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