Nash Stealth T Pegs

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Nash Stealth Pegs will screw into the hardest of banks, and like all Nash products are built to last.


Nash Stealth T Pegs

The Nash Stealth T Pegs screw into the hardest of banks

Nash Stealth Pegs have the T-grip moulded onto the shaft to guarantee they stay together. Inferior pegs soon separate from the moulded handle leaving the only option to bring the mallet out and scare every carp for miles.

Available in 8 inch and 12 inch the longer pegs are incredibly popular for soft ground or a more secure hold in purpose dug fishery swims that have been wood chipped or covered.

Nash T Pegs are sold individually for flexibility but are also available in a Tool Roll containing ten 8 inch pegs.

There are lots of products available in store, so come along to Shipshape Tackle and have a look at the wide range of items we have in stock.


Stealth T Pegs 8 inch: T1100, Stealth T Pegs 12 inch: T1101, Stealth T Pegs Tool Roll 8 inch (10): T1105

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