Nash Slip D Rig


Renowned hooking and anti eject performance hooks!


Nash Slip D Rig

Nash Slip D Rig  have a renowned hooking and anti-eject performance of the Slip D on a Pinpoint Long Shank Twister for all bottom baits, pop ups and Cultured® baits. Tied to fast sinking Skinlink Semi-Stiff-and finished with a Micro Hook Ring Swivel for optimum turning and hookbait mechanics.

Decades of big carp success on the toughest waters in the UK and abroad have shaped Kevin Nash’s beliefs that the most effective terminal tackle and presentation have become the dividing line when targeting the hardest carp.

Kevin Nash is recognised as the carp world’s greatest rig thinker developing many of today’s taken-for-granted essential rig components from the Safety Bolt Bead, which championed safe lead set-ups, through to hooklinks such as the revolutionary Gammabraid and Gammastrand hooklinks which put Nash Terminal Tackle on the map as the only choice for bid carp success.

Today Armoulink, Triggalink, Cling-on and the amazing Diffusion Camouflage are amongst the cutting edge developments that keep Nash Terminal Tackle at the very forefront of the sport.

There are lots of products available in store, so come along to Shipshape Tackle and have a look at the wide range of items we have in stock.

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2 – Micro Barbed, 4 – Micro Barbed, 6 – Micro Barbed, 8 – Micro Barbed, 4 – Barbless, 6 – Barbless, 8 – Barbless

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