Nash Instant Action Pop Ups


High attract, ultra buoyant!


Nash Instant Action Pop Ups

High attract, ultra buoyant Nashbait Airball needle friendly Nash Instant Action Pop Ups that match the feeding signal of Instant Action boilies, containing all the key liquid and powdered additives.

From the originators of the legendary Airball mix, these Instant Action Pop-ups are super buoyant, stay up indefinitely even when pierced and make great high attract hook baits for single bait fishing and bag work as well as over matching free offerings or in combination for snowman rigs. Available in 10, 15 and 20mm for presentation versatility.

See the new Strawberry Crush in action:-


  • Coconut Crème
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Strawberry Crush
  • Tandoori Spice
  • Pineapple Crush
  • 12mm – 30g
  • 15mm 35g

Catch more. Catch faster. Get Instant Action!

A runaway worldwide Nashbait success story Instant Action is the result of using 25 years’ experience to produce a complete range of the most attractive carp baits tailored for big results in the shortest time.

Instant Action is formulated from individual ingredient level upwards to provide the most aggressive feeding signal as soon as a bait hits the water.  It’s an unbeatable combination of convenience, performance and simplicity.  From pressurised day ticket waters in the UK to the biggest and hardest carp from venues as varied as France’s Rainbow Lake and Hungary’s Euro Aqua, Instant Action has proven deadly.

Instant Action’s secret is using key attractor and ingredient blends previously reserved only for custom mixes for top carpers, combined with exclusive ingredients from the food industry that improve taste, digestibility and most importantly attractor leak off.  The result is a range of baits that takes some of the biggest edges in bait making and makes them available to everyone.

Perfect for today’s busy fisheries and shorter sessions the Instant Action range is talored to accommodate the entire spectrum of modern carp tactics whether boilie fishing, PVA bagging, casting Method feeders or zigging high attract pop ups.

There are lots of products available in store, so come along to Shipshape Tackle and have a look at the wide range of items we have in stock.

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Coconut Creme – 15mm, Crab and Krill – 15mm, Tangerine Dream – 15mm, Tandoori Spice – 15mm, Liver and Garlic – 15mm, Pineapple Crush – 15mm, Cappuccino – 15mm, Coconut Crème – 12mm, Strawberry Crush – 12mm, Strawberry Crush – 15mm, Squid and Krill – 15mm, Squid and Krill – 12mm, Monster Crab – 12mm, Monster Crab – 15mm, Candy Nut Crush – 12mm, Pineapple Crush – 12mm, Tangerine Dream – 12mm

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