Gardner Bug Tritium Max Betalights


The most powerful betalights for their size that are available on the market.


Gardner Bug Tritium Max Betalights

The Gardner Bug Tritium Max betalights are the ultimate continuous light source. Gaseous Tritium technology provides the maximum possible brightness making these the most powerful isotopes available. Tritium-MAX are also the first betalights (for fishing use) to be made in True Purple colour.

  • Large (22.5mm x 3mm) – for use as rod tip indicator or on some bobbins.
  • Small (12mm x 2mm) – for most buzzers, rods and accessories, also Bug Indicators.
  • Bug (10mm x 2.5mm) – fit all Bug Indicators apart from Nano Bugs.
  • ATTs (6mm x 2mm) – tiny size for ATTs Alarms and Nano Bug Indicators. Sold in Singles (Nano) and Pairs (ATTs). These betalights are glue fitted into the ATTs Alarm betalight slots.
  • Available in colours: Green, Red, Ice Blue, Purple, White, Orange and Yellow (ATTs and Nano only).
  • Betalights are glue fitted into the Gardner Bug Indicators.
Colours Large (22.5mm x 3mm x 2) Small (12mm x 2mm x 2) Bug (10mm x 2.5mm x 2) ATTs (6mm x 2mm x 2) Nano (6mm x 2mm x 1)

Fitting the Bug Betalights:

The Bug indicators come in two formats.

The coloured Micro and Mini Bugs have an internal stem that the Betalight is glued into underneath the coloured lens.

The solid white bodies, carbon style and black bodies all have a milled slot on the front into which the Betalight should be glued.


The light output of any Betalight is governed by two main factors, the first being the colour of the Betalight and the second being the gas volume/pressure.

Each individual colour is created by blending different Phosphorous compounds into the Tritium gas. Consequently the brightest colours are always green and blue, closely followed by the white. Red and orange Betalights are the least powerful in terms of raw light emission due to this phosphorous mixture.

The brightness of any isotope is also directly proportional the volume and pressure of the Tritium Gas inside of the sealed glass tube. This essentially means that a lower volume of gas at maximum pressure will never be as bright as a larger volume of gas at the same (maximum) pressure.

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Pictures for illustration purposes only.


10mm x 2mm – Green, 10mm x 2mm – Red, 10mm x 2mm – Ice Blue, 10mm x 2mm – Purple, 10mm x 2mm – White

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