Fox Rangemaster 20 Throwing Stick


Throwing sticks, once mastered, provide an unrivalled method of introducing boilies at medium to long range!

SKU: CAC672.

Fox Rangemaster 20 Throwing Stick

The Fox Rangemaster 20 Throwing Stick is CAD designed to impart the maximum velocity and distance when loose feeding boilies. The special curve imparts spin to the bait providing outstanding range and accuracy. Formed from a flexible,highly robust tube and fitted with a non-slip rubberised handle which provides a solid grip even with wet hands. The ultra lightweight construction prevents ‘throwing stick elbow’ during prolonged use, when baiting up heavily, or propelling single baits to the limit of distance.


• Constructed from lightweight, flexible plastic that is very robust
• CAD designed shape for maximum distance
• Non-slip rubber handle
• Available in 20mm and 26mm option

The Fox range is hugely diverse in its nature and every single item shares something in common which is, that every item has been designed by anglers for anglers, meaning you are gaining access to tackle that is designed purposely for your fishing.  Every single item has undergone intensive research and development to ensure the end product meets with your approval.

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