Fox Edges Fluorocarbon Fused Leader


Offers abrasion resistance!


Fox Edges Fluorocarbon Fused Leader

The Fox Edges Fluorocarbon Fused Leader offers you a leader with a non glare finish.


  • Fused fluorocarbon with a plastic outer coating
  • Offer abrasion resistance and also aid concealment
  • 75cm long, 1 leader per packet
  • Supplied with Edges Kwik Change Swivels in size 7 and 10
  • 30lb breaking strain
  • Non-glare, anti-spook finish

How to Use:-

  1. Thread lead clip and sleeve onto the leader
  2. Tie a loop in the mainline and thread it through the fused loop and over the swivel end of the leader
  3. Pull down tight
  4. Attach your lead

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30lb – Size 10, 30lb – Size 7

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