ESP Anchor Braid


The Dyneema fibres make this braid incredibly dense.


ESP Anchor Braid

The ESP Anchor Braid is a special combination of woven heavyweight and Dyneema fibres make this braid incredibly dense – the heaviest we have ever created – and supple whilst offering excellent knot strength. The soft feel of Anchor braid ensures it follows the contours of the lake bed and the weight of the fibres ensures it sinks heavily without the need for tungsten putty.

The smooth tightly woven structure makes it easy to work with when threading through hook eyes etc and the round profile resists tangling. A dark, muted blend of coloured fibres provide excellent camouflage and Anchor braid blends in over a variety of substrates making it really inconspicuous and a definite edge when fishing for pressured, rig shy carp in clear water.
Perfect for any rig that requires a soft braided hook link, from short rigs for PVA bags and method feeders, to combining it with fluorocarbon for a stiff / supple combi-rig.

For optimum knot strength we recommend a twice through the eye five turn grinner. Available in Gravel Brown and Weedy Green in 15 & 20lb.

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Weedy Green – 15lb, Weedy Green – 20lb, Gravel Brown – 15lb, Gravel Brown – 20lb

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