Dynamite Baits Mulberry & Plum Boilies 15mm


Now available in the UK!


Dynamite Baits Mulberry & Plum Boilies 15mm

The Dynamite Baits Mulberry & Plum Boilies 15mm are now available in the UK. A sweet, nut and bird-food based bait with an intense fruity aroma that carp find irresistible. The range includes 15 and 20mm boilies as well as a ‘match-the-hatch’ pop-up and liquid attractant.
Instantly recognisable intense mulberry and sweet plum flavour that carp just can’t resist.

A unique and attractive deep purple coloured boilie.

An excellent all year round carp fishing boilie that works hard releasing strong feed signals during the colder months
Available in 1.8 and 1kg bags.

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Mulberry & Plum 15mm – 1kg

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