Cygnet Kippa Clips


Can be fished like  traditional bobbin clip.

SKU: 655201.

Cygnet Kippa Clips

The Cygnet Kippa Clips can be fished like  traditional bobbin clip by simply clipping the ball clip on your line which will allow line movement through the clip or you can pull your line into the moulded ‘wings’ that grip your line, without damage, to show the tiniest lateral movement on your line.  Tension is adjusted by simply moving the 0-ring up or down the arms.  Kippa Clips are supplied as standard with all our indicator heads; with a thread to fit most others.

Quantity 2 per pack.

Your bite indication must communicate clearly what’s going on at the end of the line, NO MATTER WHAT THE CONDITIONS.

Your bite indication must stand the test of time, NO MATTER WHAT DEMANDS YOU PUT ON IT.

Your bite indication must be designed for optimum performance, NO MATTER WHAT SO-CALLED ‘FASHION’ DICTATES.


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