Cygnet Clinga Flexi Arm


Free unhindered movement up and down.

SKU: 655102.

Cygnet Clinga Flexi Arm

The Cygnet Clinga Flexi Arm is 6″ (150mm) in length.  The arm acts as a traditional hinged arm indicator, offering free unhindered movement up and down.  However, by pushing the arm into the flexible hinge, the indicator is braced so it relieves the weight of the head so it doesn’t pull down when slack line fishing, or it delivers resistance when tight line fishing.  The further you push the arm into the hinge, the stiffer the indicator arm gets, answering ALL demands that are put on it, for any application.

Your bite indication must communicate clearly what’s going on at the end of the line, NO MATTER WHAT THE CONDITIONS.

Your bite indication must stand the test of time, NO MATTER WHAT DEMANDS YOU PUT ON IT.

Your bite indication must be designed for optimum performance, NO MATTER WHAT SO-CALLED ‘FASHION’ DICTATES.


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