Cygnet Clinga Chains Black


All with anodised aluminium knurled and threaded ends.

SKU: 655604.

Cygnet Clinga Chains Black

The Cygnet Clinga Chains Black are 3″ in length and are black to black ends.  Indicator chains hewn from the strongest Stainless ball and link chains we can source, in black or alloy finish; all with anodised aluminium knurled and threaded ends, again in black or alloy finish.

Available in three lengths to match your requirement. Dimensions: 3inch (75mm), 6inch (150mm), 9inch (230mm).

Your bite indication must communicate clearly what’s going on at the end of the line, NO MATTER WHAT THE CONDITIONS.

Your bite indication must stand the test of time, NO MATTER WHAT DEMANDS YOU PUT ON IT.

Your bite indication must be designed for optimum performance, NO MATTER WHAT SO-CALLED ‘FASHION’ DICTATES.


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