Bait Tech The Juice


Sweet Glug can be used anywhere and on anything.


Bait Tech The Juice

Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal says: ‘I’ve used Bait Tech The Juice exclusively all winter! I’ve soaked pellets in it, pumped Xpands, covered bread, dowsed maggots and glugged every other bait I’ve used. I had the best winters fishing I can remember, I seem to catch everywhere I went. I’ve tried to overdo it…..put too much on, I couldn’t, one thing is certain, it doesn’t put them off! This now goes everywhere with me!”

This Sweet Glug can be used anywhere and on anything.

Available in 250ml bottles.

    • Sweet success is waiting for you
    • Versatile use – use on everything
    • Glug pellets & boilies

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