Bait Tech Pellet Camo Buckets


A bucket that you can re-use!


Bait Tech Pellet Camo Buckets

Bait Tech Pellet Camo Buckets are amazing value. They have our unique design on a bucket that you can re-use! Camo buckets come in either pellets or groundbait mixes:


Mixed Krill Pellets: 2mm, 4mm & 6mm high quality Krill pellets brought to you in a mixed bucket. This is the ultimate bag mix, made for you. Ideal for spodding, as a carpet feed or fed loose. This is a 2.5kg bucket.

Super Attract Carp Pellets: Variations of your favourite pellets offer so many options. Different flavours and colours not only attract visually but offer a full range of dietary requirements, in one! This is a 3kg bucket.

Spod & PVA Micro Pellet Mix: The perfect blend of mico pellets for PVA bags and spod fill – a unique blend of the very best Krill Pellets, Halibut Pellets and Carp Pellets.  This is a 3kg bucket.

Halibut Select: Stalking big fish will never be the same. Mixed sized Halibuts perfect for baiting tight spots or spodding at distance. Lots of size variations will keep fish guessing and feeding heavily. We have even added some drilled pellets for hookbaits. They’ll never know which is on the rig! This is a 3kg bucket

  • Safe bait storage
  • Easy to use
  • Stack and store well

There are lots of products available in store, so come along to Shipshape Tackle and have a look at the wide range of items we have in stock.

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Super Attract Carp Pellets, Mixed Krill Pellets, Spod & PVA Micro Pellet Mix, Halibut Select

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