Avid Carp Tip and Butt Protectors


Provides excellent protection!


Avid Carp Tip and Butt Protectors

The Avid Carp Tip and Butt Protectors are connected by a length of heavy-duty elastic, providing excellent protection for a multitude of rods.


  • Compatible with 10ft, 12ft and 13ft rods.
  • Fully padded to protect your rods
  • Heavy-duty elastic
  • Made from waterproof peach skin material
  • 20 x 6cm

Everything in the Avid Carp Tackle range is manufactured to the highest standard.  Each element has been specifically designed for modern carp fishing, based around the latest trends and techniques so you can be a more efficient and successful angler.

There are lots of products available in store, so come along to Shipshape Tackle and have a look at the wide range of items we have in stock.

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