Avid Carp Distance Bottle Leads

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A perfect general purpose shape for fishing a multitude of situations.


Avid Carp Distance Bottle Leads

The Avid Carp Distance Bottle Leads is a lead that was widely used by big fish anglers all across Europe in the 90’s and was considered as one of the best shapes ever produced.

The Distance Bottle is the perfect general purpose shape for fishing a multitude of situations.


With a super tough and durable coating, this range of leads will stand up to even the most extreme fishing conditions and will last much longer than some leads with a more modern paint finish.

The Retro lead range features a modern twist in the form of a new swivel mounting system.

The double barrel flexi ring swivel has been moulded directly into the top of the lead instead of being mounted on a conventional  brass loop.

This helps to increase the bolt effect of the lead whilst also decreasing line twist and tangles during casting.

The retro leads are finished in our unique Outline Camo, which blends in perfectly on anything it lands on and matches the Outline Terminal Tackle range perfectly.


Retro Leads are available from 1.5oz up to 4oz, in half ounce increment’s.


1.5oz – 42g

2oz – 56g

2.5oz – 70g

3oz – 85g

3.5oz – 100g

4oz – 112g

See the leads in action:-

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1.5oz, 2oz, 2.5oz, 3oz, 3.5oz, 4oz

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