Avid Carp Chod Beads


Makes things much easier for anglers wanting to use chod rigs.

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Avid Carp Chod Beads

The Chod Rig is one of the most popular presentations in use today and the Avid Carp Chod Beads are made to make things much easier for anglers wanting to use this method.  The soft rubber parts will grip line and leadcore enabling you to set the rig itself at any length from the lead.

We’ve invented a bead that allows anglers to use this setup on leadcore or directly on their main line. It’s safe, easy to use and very inconspicuous on the lakebed. To help thread them on they come supplied on wires. If you are using leadcore or fluorocarbon leaders just thread the Chod Bead down onto your leader before tying to your main line.

  • Top safety bead made for quick, safe release
  • Soft rubber compound for ultimate grip
  • Slot built into rubber for securing the rig with PVA tape or string
  • Grips main lines and leadcore
  • Supplied on wires for easy threading on to main line
  • Compatible with all ring swivels.

If you’re fishing the naked chod directly on to your main line, just take the bead off the wire and thread using a small baiting needle.

Everything in the Avid Carp Terminal Tackle range is manufactured to the highest standard. Each element has been specifically designed for modern carp fishing, based around the latest trends and techniques so you can be a more efficient and successful angler.

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