Avid Carp Back Leads


Perfect for pinning your main line to the lakebed.


Avid Carp Back Leads

Complete with adjustable clips, these Avid Carp Back Leads are superb… They are finished in the same disruptive pattern camouflage as our fishing lead range for the ultimate in line concealment and disguise.  The unique clip system is easy to attach, but designed not to come off the line whilst playing fish. Perfect for pinning your main line to the lakebed.

  • Anti-roll design
  • Adjustable stem system
  • Camouflage finish

Available in: 

  • 0.5oz/14g
  • 1.1oz/31g
  • 1.5oz/43g

Everything in the Avid Carp Terminal Tackle range is manufactured to the highest standard. Each element has been specifically designed for modern carp fishing, based around the latest trends and techniques so you can be a more efficient and successful angler.

There are lots of products available in store, so come along to Shipshape Tackle and have a look at the wide range of items we have in stock.

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0.5oz – 14g, 1.1oz – 31g, 1.5oz – 43g

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